Consultative Selling Skills


The Consultative Selling Skills QuickSkills™ program takes an in-depth look at sales as an interactive process and includes six courses that make up the framework of a sales call: Opening, Need Dialogue, Resolving Objections, Solution Dialogue, Closing, and Preparation. The framework comes to life when combined with the Six Critical Skills (Questioning, Listening, Positioning, Checking, Presence, and Relating) which enable the dialogue selling process so that a salesperson is able to fully uncover client needs to more effectively position his or her product. 


Courses Include:
  •  Leveraging Opening
  •  Need Dialogue
  •  Resolving Challenging Objections
  •  Positioning Effective Solution Dialogue
  •  Closing Win Win Momentum
  •  Sales Call Preparation
  •  Enrichment: Getting the Appointment